Do It Yourself With Carport Plans and Designs

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DIY Plans

DIY carport kits are a great addition to any home, especially those without garages.  They may be used to store vehicles, tractors, equipment, and tools.  One can use a carport as a storage shed or simply a place to protect their car from the weather.  Many enjoy the convenience and comfort that using a carport offers.  No more shoveling their vehicles out of the snow, or worrying about their car being damaged from the rain.  Carport plans or carport designs may show a variety of designs when it comes to the shape and structure of the building.

The unfortunate aspect of purchasing a vehicle port is the fact that they can often be quite expensive to purchase.  The materials that the structure is built from, the size, quality, and retailer will all have an effect on the price, but some items may run into the thousands of dollars.  An excellent solution is to build one's own carport.

Building one's own car storage building allows one to have complete control over the design.  They can build the structure to suit their personal tastes and needs.  One can choose to make their vehicle protection structure from a variety of materials, whether they would like to make it sturdy with walls or simply frame it and wall it with canvas or a similar material.  A good choice is to use do-it-yourself carport plans to aid in construction and your wooden carport designs.

The Internet has some spectacular resources for those who are interested in carport plans and building and maintaining their own car protection structure with carport designs and plans that pretty much any do-it-yourselfer can follow. However, if you're looking for free carports designs or plans, and if you've found what we found, nothing is really "free" and most of those sure have a lot to be desired. Honestly, they confused us more than anything. So if you're good and confused by searching for free carport plans or designs like we were, check out the resources we're putting together for anyone SERIOUS about building their own carport.

To save you some time, we've researched each one and listed a few of our favorites here. If you're looking for something free... well, keep looking and good luck because we couldn't find any free ones that were worth much as noted above and as my dad always said: you get what you pay for. And you'll have to pay for the carport plans we've listed here. However, although they range from under $30 to over $60, you get a lot more than just carport or garage plans with most of them. Here's the ones we've found listed from least to most expensive. And even if you're trying to save money, the prices are pretty reasonable considering what it would cost to have one built, and that's not even considering all the bonus plans you get with these products.

Garage Building 101 - $29 - probably the most comprehensive plans concentrating just on garages and carports. Choose from 58 designs of three and four, detached two or one, carriage houses, car barns, carports, and workshops. Free blueprints and easy to follow DIY lessons and instructions.

My Shed Plans Elite - $37 - Has 12,000 plans and concentrates mainly on sheds. Some good testimonials here and one thing we noticed right off the bat with this one, they are clear that they include a materials list so you know exactly what you need to purchase. So check this one out if you're looking for a carport and shed or 12,000 other things. Yes, that's a lot of design plans but it's cheaper than Teds below and specializes in sheds.

Teds Wood working plans - $67 - Has some simple carport plans plus thousands of other great designs. Great video testimonials also. Ted's plans is a pretty good deal at under $70 considering all the other stuff you get with it (16,000 woodworking projects), if you're going to build a carport yourself, why not get some other designs as well.  For those looking to create their own car or truck port  Ted's specs are comprehensive and show you how to build a very sturdy carport that attaches right to the home, stand-alone, or another building.

UPDATE - 05-20-2012: I was just contacted by Woody ("Ted", yes I guess his name really is Ted) and he gave me a limited time link to save my visitors $20 off his plan price! Click here to get Ted's plans for $47! That's 16,000 plans (carport designs included) and $20 off his regular price!

When looking for plans, either online or at your local home store, you may choose blueprints that have a gable style roof, or you may prefer a shed style roof.  Both options result in the builder's choice when it comes to roof pitch.  These plans are designed to be used by those who have a good grasp of construction principles and understand blueprints (although most of the wood working plans we've found were pretty straight forward for even the novice do-it-yourself type).  3-D drawings, weight capacities, and material specs are included in these very complete purchased designs.  The blueprints can be purchased directly from the website.

Purchasing carport plans or carport designs are a great way to help the do it yourselfer accomplish their goal of building suitable vehicle protection for their home or business.  These plans only add to a carport's convenience and low cost maintenance requirements. We've listed some great resources for carport designs on this page and hope to add many different carport plans in the future so if you don't find the plans or designs you want, be sure to check back. If you're looking for a great resource for carport design plans or any design plans plus thousands of other woodworking projects such as Gazebo's, garages, cabinets, furiture you name it! Check out Teds Wood Working.